Kick Start Your 2018 With A Well-Rounded Print Marketing Campaign

Did Your Business Make Any New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?

While most people are planning how to get in more exercise or start a new hobby, business owners and operators are reviewing their operations and trying to find a way to improve upon last year’s numbers.

There is definitely no shortage of fancy new technology for business owners to get excited about. Web applications that help to track your efficiency or a new accounting system that will allow you to process your invoices digitally...but with all of these options, it’s important to not lose sight of tried-and-true marketing techniques.

Digital marketing is important, but so is diversifying your marketing plans. So let’s talk about some basic print marketing materials that you can try out in the new year to see if they’ll work for you and your business.

Business Cards: An Oldie But A Goodie

Even in a world where your smartphone is the new rolodex, business cards are still a necessity for running a company. Simply asking a potential customer to visit your website during a networking opportunity - whether it was from a chance meeting on the street, an introduction by past customer, or at a home show event - is not a very effective word-of-mouth growth method.

Business cards are a physical, tactile reminder to pay a visit to a company website or check out your organization’s reviews.

Take advantage of your business card surface area without cramming too much information into it. Have the vital information - like your name and methods of contact - but don’t forget to highlight why a prospective client should do business with you at the same time.

Door Hangers To Canvas The Neighborhoods You’re Already Doing Business In

Part of the cost of properly utilizing print marketing is the postage cost or man hours to get your materials into your target households. That is what makes door hangers unique. Instead of sending teams of staff or using third party services to distribute materials, you can simply do a little leg work when you’re working on your next job.

If you already have landed an opportunity to work in a preferable part of town, don’t forget to bring your door hangers along for the ride. If you’ve got multiple crew members on the job, take a few minutes before the work begins for your marketing. Take a handful of door hangers and have some crew members place your marketing pieces on homes within a one or two block radius from your job. The cost of door hangers is low, and the cost of having a current crew member spend a couple minutes walking the neighborhood is negligible - so even if you just get one more job opportunity, you just captured a lead you might have otherwise missed out on.

Every Door Direct Mail Postcards: A Cost Effective Way To Highly Targeted Leads

EDDM, or “Every Door Direct Mail” is a program by the United States Postal Service - and it is a very cost effective way to target specific neighborhoods. You can select specific postal routes and deliver a postcard or flyer to every mailbox on that route. The route selection system even shows census data like median household income, to help you to highlight potentially more profitable areas. The fact that this postage is cheaper than traditional postcard stamps is just a bonus.

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