Shipping Costs

Shipping within the 49 states is generally FREE but there are some exceptions based on areas that UPS considers remote or higher cost delivery areas. Hawaii and Canada are not Free shipping.

Can quantity breaks be split on orders?

No. If your designs vary even by one letter then separate production runs will be required and a separate order set would be needed.

Can I mix and match the front & back of any design theme? 

Yes. The front of one design can have the back of another. You would just place the order for any given design and we will work out the details afterwards via email. 

Do you offer discounts on reprints?

Although we do offer design assistance on our printing, with our cut rate pricing, we do not offer any further discounts on reprints other than the quantity break discounts that are already in place.

Can I provide my own artwork or design?

Yes. You can design the piece yourself although it would need to be design to the specific size for our production line. You can also provide us with photos etc. that you would like included in a design that we are putting together for you.

What if we decide to change our print product after it's been designed?

In some cases, companies will have us design for a campaign and later decide against offering the promotion or perhaps miss their event. If they decide to change to another product or go with a refund, then, in such cases, a minimum design fee may be charged if a significant amount of development has gone into the project on our end.

Do you keep a record of my design?

Yes. We keep all previous design on file for further orders and modifications.

How long for design turn-around?

You will receive a design proof usually within 24hours. In many cases if the order is placed early in the day, the design proof will be finished that same day depending on the details you provide.

How long for production turn-around once I approve the design?

Turn-around times vary per product and they are listed on every product page towards the bottom of the product box.

Are there any added costs to the prices listed online?

No. The pricing listed online is an all inclusive final price which includes free shipping.

What does the EDDM Full-Service price include?

Our EDDM Full-Service price includes designing the piece, production, mail processing, bundling, paperwork, postage costs and delivery to the post office.

What if my EDDM mailing route is less then the quantity I order? What happens to the extras?

Print quantities should be as close to your total selected mailing routes as possible. Any print production item will be produced at a fixed quantity break. For example, if you have 2,325 total mailing route targets in your area, we would have to run 2,500 EDDM postcards through the production line for that order. Any excess postcards would be discarded at the mail processing facility.

Do you provide the design files afterwards?

No. Due to copyright laws with many of the elements and stock photos in our designs, we do not provide the design files on any project but we can provide the print ready file upon request.