How do EDDM mailers work?

EDDM’s are a canvas mailer delivered to target mailing routes within a given zip code. USPS divides each zip code into numerous mailing routes. If you select a mail route, every mailbox on that route will receive delivery.

Delivery Area

The maximum delivery radius per production run/drop-off is 5-miles. So, any selected zip code areas would need to be within a 5-mile radius per order run. Basically, you start with a central point, let’s say a street address and from that point on the map, every target area must be within a 5-mile radius of that central point for that particular production run/drop-off order. If you plan to target areas which exceed the 5-mile radius then a separate order would need to be placed for that other target drop-off location.

Order Quantity Requirements

The minimum order needed would depend on the selected route totals. For instance, if the total selected routes were 993 then you would need to place an order for 1000 EDDM full-service. If the total selected routes were 2489 then the order placed would need to be a 2500 production run.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround for full-service EDDM is about 8 business days from design approval to in-mail-box delivery.

Leftover Mailers

A small sampling of your mailing campaign will be shipped separately to you after the mailers have been processed. In cases where a significant amount of the production order was unused, postage charges will be refunded for those unused mailers.

Selecting Your Mailing Routes

You can view available mailing routes on any EDDM design page by clicking the (green EDDM Routes) button shone below.

View EDDM Mailing Routes